FlatFee is a legally patented service fee program provided exclusively through Electronic Data Payment Systems (EDPS). The program offers merchants an alternative to standard credit card processing and the fees that accompany it. By enrolling in FlatFee, businesses can eliminate up to 100% of their credit card processing expenses in a legal and compliant way.

FlatFee is a service fee program that works by applying a service fee to all transactions. Consumers are made aware of this fee through clear and conspicuous marketing at the entrance and point of check-out, as well as on all copies of the receipt. The service fee can be waived or split at any time in order to offer a discount to consumers paying in ways other than card.

A service fee is a fee applied to all transactions in order that can be split or waived at any time to offer customers discounts depending on payment method. This fee is utilized to help merchants reduce processing expenses and increase profits.

A service fee is a fee applied to all transactions that can be split or waived to offer consumers a discount. A surcharge is a fee applied only to those using card payment, increasing their price compared to other consumers. FlatFee’s service fee program gives the consumer the option of a discount, so it is not a surcharge.

Yes, FlatFee is legal and compliant in all 50 states. The Durbin Amendment of the Dodd-Frank Act allows businesses to offer discount or incentive for certain payment types, so long as every consumer is offered the discount, there is no discrimination based on card type, and there is clear and conspicuous marketing to inform the consumers. FlatFee follows all of these guidelines, providing you with marketing, hardware, and support.

Customers must be notified of the service fee at three specific points through clear and conspicuous marketing. First, there must be notice at the entrance of the establishment. FlatFee provides this notice through a window cling that can be places on doors or windows. Second, there must be notice at the point of check-out. FlatFee provides this notice through a marketing tent that can be placed on the check-out counter. Lastly, the service fee must be on all receipts. This is accomplished through the use of terminal, POS, and gateway systems offered through SimpFee.

Merchants that enroll in the FlatFee program can eliminate up to 100% of their processing fees. On average, businesses that employ a service fee program eliminate approximately 90% of their processing expenses.

FlatFee is compliant with all state and federal regulation as long as the following rules are followed:

  • Discount must be available for all consumers.
  • Clear and conspicuous marketing must be posted at entrance, point of check-out, and on all copies of the receipt.
  • Approved terminals, POS, and gateways must be used
  • Fee cannot differ depending on consumer or card type